With this pioneering VUE plug-in, you can now easily create, light, modify, and animate realistic towering thunderheads, wispy cirrus, volcano plumes, sandstorms, fog, and even aurora. And you'll immediately start with an assortment of versatile clouds in our Cloud Library, that represents all major cloud types.

Helios' robust and intuitive tools will give you an edge in sky building, compositing, animations, and realtime.


Helios creates fully volumetric, realistic clouds. Our unique Subvapor Lighting radically changes how clouds are lighted to produce effects found in nature.

Cloud Library

Get started with a ready cache of clouds. The Cloud Library features versatile clouds that encompass the major cloud types, even Cumulonimbus.

Cloud conversion

Any existing VUE cloud you have can easily be converted to a Helios cloud, immediately expanding the capabilities of your current assets.

Visual Control

Atmosphere design made easy. SkyBuilder lets you visually control the intricacies of VUE's Spectral Atmosphere by manipulating a 'slice' of your environment's atmosphere.


Flux records all adjustments you make to Cloud or Sky settings, giving you a cumulative record of changes made to the scene. Flux Pulse, Echo, and Anchor support easy experimentation and tweaking in unique ways.

Copy/Paste Atmospheres

Helios lets you effortlessly copy/paste atmospheres by copying the entire atmosphere or selective parts. For easy sharing, generate SkyCodes that you can email to others or share in chat.

Sky Library

A pioneering drag-and-drop method for building skies, Sky Library lets you selectively apply portions of existing atmospheres, and other atmosphere snippets, to your current sky. Helios provides dozens of presets for immediate variety. Try multiple possibilities using Flux.

Hybrid Passes

Time-saving Hybrid Render Passes provide vital functionality and Multipass data at the speed of standard renders: Cloud Z-Depth (variable) and Per-Cloud Alpha. Assets can be exported as cards, or scaled to the entire skydome.

Pipeline integration

Running on VUE's network renderer, Helios can be used standalone in VUE, or loaded into 3dsmax, Cinema4D, LightWave, Maya, or Softimage via VUE xStream. This allows you to work in Vray/Mental Ray without major pipeline changes.