This revolutionary atmospherics software will elevate your skies to center stage. With Helios you can now easily create, light, modify, and animate realistic towering thunderheads, wispy cirrus, volcano plumes, sandstorms, fog, and even aurora. Our premier Cloud Library offers scores of artistically crafted clouds to give you ready access to nature's primary cloud types and phenomena.

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Helios brings an exciting cloud evolution to digital environments. Fuelled by a hyper-complex network of over 2200 logic nodes and advanced mathematics, Helios clouds are encapsulated in an artist-friendly interface.

The entire Helios system represents a decade of research on how clouds work in VUE, how clouds behave in real life, and how artists can fully utilize VUE's atmospheric capabilities.

I'm so excited about the possibilities. This sort of quality has always been a weak link in television science fiction. You usually had to be a big budget feature to pull this off. Stunning work.

Doug Drexler
VES, Emmy, and Academy Award winning Visual Effects Artist
CG Supervisor: Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome