This powerhouse collection of 60 macros and devices extends World Machine, the industry standard for terrain design.

GeoGlyph gives you infinite possibilities to produce the mind-blowing contours and textures found in nature - premium strata, elaborate erosion, unique flow lines, desolate dunes, jagged peaks, river formations, plateaus, valleys, craters, blizzards, atolls & archipelagos, and so much more.

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I am a big fan of Geoglyph. It saves me a ton of time getting detail without over eroding or nudging numbers. Thanks for a great tool to World Machine.

Rod Parong
Insomniac Games
GeoGlyph 2.0 is coming soon! Get GeoGlyph 1.0 now and get 2.0 for free upon release!

Improved Workflow, Realistic Results


GeoGlyph's 25 generators provide goal-oriented functionality. Choose the generator that works best with the environment rather than try to coax a shape out of a generic noise.

Revitalized Erosion Workflow

Augment the Erosion node with tools to structure and flow the process while you maintain creative control. Add erosion modifiers and regenerators at key points in the graph, instead of relying on the Erosion node to drive the entire terrain.

Fine tune erosive processes without having to modify your Erosion node and lose vital shapes.

Flow Maps for Any Node

Create erosion maps such as flow, deposit, and NaturalFlow, at any point in the graph. ReFlow generates erosion data for any node without requiring erosion, including bitmap input such as satellite data.


Follow your idea without worrying about maintaining the terrain's integrity.

KillSpike executes lossless noise reduction. PeakCompact redefines ridges for a natural look without spiny protrusions. GeoShape and HeightFrag prepare the terrain for detailed texturing in World Machine, or export alpha maps for game engines and CG packages.

GeoGlyph is optimized for speed, even at 8k.