About Us

Founded in 2008 under the shadow of a volcano in Central America by two friends, QuadSpinner is a software studio in love with nature. Our tools help artists create worlds to tell their stories.

We are best known for our geological simulation tool Gaea, which is used in major motion pictures, award winning AAA games, as well as serious scientific endeavors by organizations such as NASA.

We believe that software development is a collaboration with the users. We pride ourselves on listening to customers and delivering what they want. Since Gaea's release in 2019, we have delivered over 600 updates to Gaea, where at least 30% were inspired or requested by the community.

QuadSpinner intentionally remains a lean, focused team. It helps us maintain the agility needed to deliver bleeding-edge solutions at a rapid pace and innovate without the burden of hierarchy. Our small but diverse group is spread across Asia, North America, and Eastern Europe. We are happily bootstrapped and sustainable.





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